Henan Key Lab of Relay Protection and Automation

Publication Date:2014-04-24

The Henan Key Lab of Relay Protection and Automation mainly works on building a resource sharing scientific research test base in Henan Province, providing a good technology platform for long term sustainable development of power enterprises, providing a good scientific research test environment for various scientific research colleges and universities, becoming a test base and training base of scientific research colleges and universities in Henan Province, providing higher quality technical services for the power industry, making Henan’s power industry become a well-known industrial area at home and even in the world, a hi-tech city and the capital of the industry to drive the development of the power industry around the country.

       The key research direction of the Lab is "research on test and technology of power system equipment", including such five scientific research levels as the analysis and research on the power system, research on power system related standards and power equipment test methods and standards, research and development of the demonstration system of the power system and the test and inspection equipment, research on the electromagnetic compatibility technology, and equipment test.