National Engineering Research Center for High Voltage DC Power Transmission and Transformation Equipment

Publication Date:2014-04-28

        The establishment of the National Engineering Research Center for High Voltage DC Power Transmission and Transformation Equipment supported by XJ Group Corporation was approved in 2009 and accepted by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2012. The Center responds to the urgent demand of national extra-high voltage (EHV) projects, and on the foundation of indigenous innovation, actively carries out technology research, product development, system integration, test and inspection and industrial promotion by the introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation of technologies. Also, the Center has made breakthroughs in more than 20 items of key technology successively, including those in EHV DC control and protection, converter valves, converter transformers, smoothing reactors and DC field equipment, created six World Firsts and made its overall technologies reach the internationally leading or advanced level. Furthermore, the Center has successfully built the world’s largest DC simulation center by area and an internationally advanced extra-high voltage converter valve R&D and test base. Its achievements have been applied to "Yunnan-Guangdong ± 800kV EHV DC Transmission Project", the world's first EHV DC transmission project, and "Sichuan-Shanghai ± 800kV EHV DC Transmission Project" with the largest transmission capacity in the world as well as such national major projects as East Ningxia-Shandong Transmission Project, the Secondary HVDC Transmission from Three Gorges to Shanghai, Nuozhadu EHV DC Transmission Project, Xiluodu EHV DC Transmission Project and Jinping-South Jiangsu EHV DC Transmission Project. All of the above stops domestic reliance on overseas enterprises in key technologies of complete sets of DC transmission equipment, promotes the upgrade of China’s electrical equipment manufacturing industry, ensures safety of the state grid, provides support for implementation of the strategy of "West-East Electricity Transfer Project" and lays a solid foundation for Chinese HVDC transmission equipment to go to the world and occupy international markets.