EV Charging/Battery Swap Station System

Publication Date:2015-02-02


        Closely following the position of EV charging/battery swap industry by China, XJ has well-developed charging/battery swap product chain. In addition, XJ provides all equipment such as power supply & distribution system, charging/battery swap system, monitoring system and battery progression utilization in the charging/battery swap station; relying on advanced battery group technology, battery full life cycle maintenance technology, XJ develops businesses such as battery leasing and charging/battery swap operation; depending on Xuji Group's overall strength, XJ creates the charging/battery swap EPC station building model. XJ establishes good cooperation relationship with upstream and downstream enterprises to try to realize advantage complementation of the industrial chain and to jointly promote the industrial development.

        Relying on the deep understanding of electrified product and profound technology accumulation, XJ Group enters the industry of electric drive system and commits itself to the solution of pure electric drive system for electric commercial vehicles. The system introduces oversea advanced drive technology and adopts high-power integrated permanent magnet motor and motor controller and gearbox.

Advantages and Characteristics

        XJ Group forms complete technical system and industrial chain of research and development, production, installation, technical services and operation; XJ can provide the overall solution of charging and battery swap for electric commercial vehicles and passenger car. The main equipment of the system all has proprietary intellectual property rights, and the technical level and reliability of charging/battery swap special equipment are international advanced. The system scheme realizes the standardization for the construction and operation of charging/battery swap facilities, automatization of the battery swap process, transparency of operation and monitoring, networking of friendly interaction, digitalization of battery management and intelligentization of grid interaction; XJ obtains comprehensive breakthrough in EV charging/battery swap management innovation and technology innovation. This strongly supports the EV charging/battery swap facilities construction of China and provides key technical support for specialized operation services.

        The high-power permanent magnet synchronous motor system introduced by XJ Group has such features as high-efficiency, high regulating accuracy, high torque density, good torque stability, low vibration and low noise. High weak magnetic property can be obtained by reasonably designing the permanent magnet magnetic circuit configuration. Compared with the induction machine frequently-used by the electric commercial vehicles in China at present, the high-power permanent magnet synchronous motor system has features of high efficiency and electricity conservation (the system efficiency can reach 95%), and the system is the most competitive EV electric drive system.

Typical Achievements

        XJ Group has successively completed the construction of over 40 charging/battery swap stations and over 2,000 sets of charging spots such as Xuejiadao EV Smart Charging, Battery Swap, Storage and Placing Integrated Pilot Power Plant, E-Bus Charging Station of Shanghai World Expo, Charging/Battery Swap Station of Nanjing Jiangning Pharmaceutical University, Tianjin Haitai EV Comprehensive Charging/Battery Swap Station, Xi'an World Horticultural Exposition EV Charging Station in Shaanxi Province, Beijing Gao'antun  Circulating Industrial Park Pilot Charging Station Project and Nanning ASEAN Expo Charging Station in Guangxi Province. This strongly supports the development of EV industry.